Timber Floors

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber floors are a popular choice in today’s market.

As an engineered substance, it presents an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber hardwood floors. Rather than being a solid plank which comes straight from a tree, engineered timber floors are made up of several layers, with the top layer being whichever variety of timber you have selected.

Below this, there are layers of wood. Essentially, the outermost layer is there to provide the look and aesthetic appeal you want for your home, while the inner layers provide the sturdiness and flexibility your flooring requires.

Innovative Technology

This innovative engineering technology also allows you to have the timber look you desire at a fraction of the price of a traditional timber floor.

Not only does the science behind engineered timber floors make for an affordable product, it also makes for a more durable floor. These floors have been designed to reduce the moisture problems many people experience with their traditional hardwood floors. Because engineered timber floors have multiple layers, the moisture is blocked, and the floor also benefits from greater stability. Where water damage is not an issue, the lifespan of the floor can greatly increase.

Furthermore, their design means that they are immune to swelling or warping, making them very low maintenance.

Easy To Use and Install

Like other manmade hardwood floor substitutes such as timber laminate or bamboo, engineered timber floors are very easy to install. Experienced renovators or home handymen may even be able to make a weekend project out of it. However, to get the best results and avoid any potential damage to the boards the best option is to have a professional install your boards.

If you like the look of hardwood floors and have a particular timber in mind, engineered timber can be a great way to get the look you want at a lower price and with almost no maintenance required.

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