Bamboo Flooring

The ancient Chinese have used bamboo for thousands of years, for means ranging from paper to medicine, clothing to weapons and even food. But it’s the use of bamboo as a flooring option that has given traditional hardwood a run for its money.

Bamboo was first introduced as a flooring solution to an international market in the 1990’s, but has seen its major surge in popularity over the last decade, as the interest and demand for affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products increases.

How is Bamboo Flooring Made?

Bamboo is a versatile, resilient grass with over 1,000 different species. To turn the bamboo from its natural form into a strong flooring solution, the bamboo must be highly processed and engineered.

To create the hardwood-look flooring, the stalk of the bamboo grass plant is sliced or shredded, and then processed back together to create floor boards.

Benefits of Bamboo

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Compared to timber, bamboo is a highly renewable resource. While hardwoods may take more than 20 years to reach maturity, bamboo can reach their prime in as little as 3-5 years.

In the case of hardwoods, trees are usually cleared from the ground, causing a disruption to the surrounding environment, root system and water table. However, when bamboo shoots reach maturity and are cut down, the root remains in the ground, where a new shoot can grow, causing minimal disruption to the ecosystem.


Bamboo is becoming more and more affordable, thanks to sustainable and economical nature of bamboo crops.


Bamboo flooring of a high quality can last well into the future. Bamboo in its natural state is a highly durable material, so it is important to know just how much of the original bamboo is left in your floor after it has been engineered and processed.


Incorporating bamboo flooring into your home is an easy way to achieve a chic, modern feel. If you are interested in renovating, but are particular about the colour and style of flooring you are after, you will be happy to know that bamboo flooring comes in a variety of colours and textures to suit your home.

Water Resistant

While bamboo flooring isn’t entirely water resistant, it does provide a higher level of resistance to water damage, warping and stains when compared to traditional hardwood flooring

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