Timber Flooring

At WA Carpet Supermarket, we offer a variety of timber flooring options, each having their own benefits and unique points. With the highest stocked range of products in Western Australia, we provide a timber flooring option to suit every taste and every home, and you can be assured that all our products pass E1 Emissions standards for VOC’s (European standards).

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Natural Timber Floors

Nothing tops the natural beauty of timeless timber floors. Aside from their visual appeal, they are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and provide natural insulation to keep you warm in the winter. Lasting for generations, timber flooring is highly durable, and will add value to any home or office

Timber Flooring

Designed to overcome the expansion and cupping issues that come with hardwood flooring, engineered timber flooring is a series of wood layers glued together in multiple directions to increase the top layer’s strength.

It’s very hard to tell the difference between engineered timber and hardwood, and it wins out over timber laminate when it comes to longevity, as it can be sanded and resealed.

A very good choice if you’re looking to add sophistication to an open plan room or office, and save a bit on the price of hardwood.

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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is in fact not a wood but a fast-growing grass. Making it a great renewable resource and a sound ecological choice. A top addition for absolutely any room where you are considering timber flooring, bamboo comes in a range of warm, light or rich, dark colours.

As for durability, it excels, holding its own against some of the hardest timber species used for flooring. It’s also highly resistant to insects.

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Everything You Need

There’s so much choice at WA Carpet Supermarket and our flooring consultants are ready to help you choose the best flooring option for you! Whether it be carpets, vinyl, or timber, we have the expertise to show you what will work best in your home. All of our flooring options make living and cleaning stress-free, with children and pet friendly options.

WA Carpet Supermarket proudly boast two locations, one in Osborne Park near Perth city, and one down in Bunbury. Whether you’re in the city, or out in the country, WA Carpet Supermarket has your flooring needs covered.

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