Laminate Flooring

Compared to its counterparts, laminate is a relatively new flooring material. The first laminate flooring was invented in 1977, but it wasn’t marketed to the European masses until 1984.

Since then, laminate has provided a cost efficient, stylish, versatile, easy to install, easy to clean and relatively environmentally friendly option for homes and businesses across the world.

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What is Laminate?

There are three main parts to laminate flooring. The first is the base, which is sealed to keep it sturdy and moisture resistant.

The second layer is the core, and the thickest part of the laminate. This layer is made of water resistant high-density fibreboard (HDF).

What we see is the third, or top, layer of the laminate. The surface layer features a photographic image of wood, which is covered by a clear, protective and highly scratch reistant coating.

What to Consider

Laminate flooring is installed as a ‘floating floor’, meaning it does not need to be nailed or glued down to the subfloor. Although the laminate won’t be connected directly to the subfloor, at the WA Carpet Supermarket we’ll make sure that the space you are working with and the subfloor are in a good, solid condition.


There are many reasons that laminate flooring quickly rose to fame around the world and is a preferred flooring option for many households – it ticks a lot of boxes!

Laminate flooring is a home or business owners dream; it is easy to install and clean, it is durable and hypoallergenic, the surface can be made to suit the style of your home or businesses’, it can be easy changed if you want to tackle a DIY makeover and it looks good without breaking the bank.

Surface Types

The versatile surface finish of laminate flooring is what makes it such an exciting, stylish flooring option for many homes and businesses.

While all laminate floors will be finished off with a protective coating to ensure the longevity of the product, the opportunity for a unique finish can take your laminate to the next level. You could choose to finish your laminate with a textured or embossed surface, or a smooth or antique look – it all depends on what YOU want.

AC Rating

While we want our flooring to look good and complement our residential or commercial space, it is important to remember that flooring has one major job – it needs to withstand the day in, day out hustle and bustle of a busy household or business.

With some areas busier than others, a higher Abrasion Class (AC) rating may be required to ensure the laminate is durable for the long run. The lowest AC rating is AC1 and it runs through to AC5. If you have a high traffic area in your home, an AC3-rated laminate is perfect for you. If you run a business, such as a busy café with heavy foot traffic, you definitely need to be looking for an AC4 rated laminate.

Everything You Need

There’s so much choice at WA Carpet Supermarket and our flooring consultants are ready to help you choose the best flooring option for you! Whether it be carpets, vinyl, or timber, we have the expertise to show you what will work best in your home. All of our flooring options make living and cleaning stress-free, with children and pet friendly options.

WA Carpet Supermarket proudly boast two locations, one in Osborne Park near Perth city, and one down in Bunbury. Whether you’re in the city, or out in the country, WA Carpet Supermarket has your flooring needs covered.

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