Twist Pile Carpets

If you are looking for a style of carpet that is resistant to staining, fading and flattening, you should consider twist pile carpets! Twist pile carpets, also known as frieze (pronounced “friz-ā”), get their name from the number of times the yarn is twisted to create them.

What is Twist Pile?

Twist pile carpets feature twisted fibres or yarn; the yarn is highly twisted, which increases the strength of each individual fibre.

The carpet fibres also sit in different directions and angles, giving the carpet a textured look which is very forgiving to foot traffic, furniture indents and some soiling.

Benefits of Twist Pile


Twist pile carpets are the perfect flooring solution to those high-traffic areas in your home, offering a luxurious look that will last.


While you may imagine that twist pile carpets have a harsh or coarse look to them, the reality is that these carpets sit somewhere in between your luxurious, smooth plush pile carpets and the somewhat bumpy feel of loop pile. Twist pile carpets add an air of luxury to your home.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the texture of twist pile, the carpet may conceal some soiling. But when it does come to cleaning, the carpets are easy to vacuum and are snag-free.

Where Can I Use Twist Pile?

High foot traffic areas like entrances and hallways benefit most from the texture of twist pile carpets, as the carpet is highly resilient to being flattened and won’t show tracking marks from your family members – regardless of whether they are of the two-legged and four-legged kind

Thanks to the luxurious look and feel of the carpets, twist pile carpets could also be used in bedrooms or lounge areas.

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