Plush Pile Carpets

Known for its smooth, velour finish, plush pile carpet is considered to be a stunning, luxurious choice in floor coverings

Plush pile carpets are made up of short fibres that have been weaved in a unique way, before being cut to a level height. The fibres are twisted in every direction to create a dense carpet with a velvet feel.

While plush pile carpet is smooth underfoot and luxurious to look at, it isn’t for everyone.

Benefits of Plush Pile Carpets

Luxury Feel

Plush pile carpets are the type of carpets you not only want to walk barefoot on; you’ll also want to lie on it, roll around on it and enjoy having it in your bedroom, lounge room or games room.

Dirt and Stain Repellent

While plush pile carpets aren’t quite as durable or forgiving as some twist or loop pile carpets, they are still hardwearing. Protective coatings are often added to plush pile carpets to give them their dirt and stain repellent features.

Sophisticated Look

Installing plush pile in your home can add another dimension to your home décor, with dark carpets adding a dramatic touch to the room, while lighter, earthier tones could be used to complement your classic décor.

Where Can I Use Plush Pile?

Over time, foot traffic, furniture and even regular vacuuming can mark plush pile carpet; so to retain the soft texture of plush pile and avoid damage, it is better suited to low foot traffic, low activity rooms.

Adult bedrooms, lounge rooms and games rooms are the perfect spaces for your new plush pile carpet.

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