Loop Pile Carpets

As the name suggests, loop pile carpet contains wool or synthetic fibres that have been woven through the carpet backing, and woven back through to create a series of loops. These interlaced fibres lend themselves to many different styles of loop pile carpets, including sisal loop, textured loop, level loop and multi-level loop.

Perfect for bedrooms and lounge rooms, these carpets add a stylish look to any room and leave you with a smooth, luxurious feel underfoot.

So how do you know which style of loop pile carpet is best for your home?

Loop Pile Style

Sisal Loop

While it may not sound familiar, we’ve all seen sisal loop pile carpets before! This style of carpet is known for its notable textured loops laid out in straight rows. The loops can vary in height to create different textures and patterns to suit your home décor.

Textured Loop

If you’re after a subtle pattern in your carpet, textured loop pile carpet is a great option. Textured loop pile carpets are woven through the carpet backing, and then sewn back through to create loops of slightly differing lengths.

These subtle patterns can complement the décor of any room, and thanks to their resilience, will continue to look good well into the future.

Level Loop

In this style, all the loops are the same length, keeping the carpet at a uniform height. While the loops can be high or low, it is the low and tight loops that provide durability and resilience.

Level loop pile carpets are great at hiding footprints, and work well in high foot traffic areas – both in residential homes and commercial settings.

Multi-Level Loop

Also known as high-low loop pile, multi-level loop pile is woven the same way as textured loop carpets. Fibres are woven using both high and low loops to create bolder, more textured patterns than textured loop pile carpets.

The varied loops in the multi-level loop pile carpets make it a durable carpet choice that will suit medium to high-traffic areas.

Do you feel like you are in the loop now? Get a hands-on feel of our range of loop pile carpets at one of our WA Carpet Supermarket showrooms today!