Wool Carpets

Are you looking for soft carpet that creates a sense of luxury, is resilient, has natural health benefits, is a renewable resource and will leave you wanting to walk around barefoot and cuddle up on the floor? Wool carpet from WA Carpet Supermarket might be the perfect choice for you.

Wool Fibres

The natural fibres in the WA Carpet Supermarket’s range of wool carpets come from Australian or New Zealand sheep’s wool. To create the carpets, this natural fibre is spun to blend short lengths together, thus creating a longer carpet strand. The crimped nature of the wool fibre allows the carpet to naturally keep its shape and ‘bounce back’, while the air pockets created in the wool also work to insulate your home.

Benefits of Wool Carpets

The resiliency of the wool carpet is a drawcard to many potential buyers; wool carpets are durable, stain resistant and ultimately low-maintenance, making it a stand out option when it comes to value for money.

Fire Resistant

Wool is also a naturally flame-resistant material so is a great choice for apartments where fire rated carpets are required

Healthy & Environmentally Conscious

Wool carpets can be a great option for households searching for low maintenance, healthy flooring for their home, as the spun wool in the carpets can naturally absorb moisture in the air to create a balanced atmosphere! The wool also holds on to any floating particles in the air, making them easy to vacuum up.

Wool Blends

Wool is often blended with synthetic fibres to increase the resilience and durability of the carpet under high-traffic situations, such as hallways and main walkways throughout the house. These blends can help your carpet maintain its full, soft nature by reducing the shedding that occurs from over use.

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