Triexta Carpets

Triexta carpets will give you a feeling of luxurious natural wool under your feet; which is surprising because this durable carpet is actually derived from corn sugar!

As technology and manufacturing advances, we have seen fibres such as triexta arise and become more common, providing another quality, affordable floor cover option.

Triexta Fibres

Triexta is the generic name for Polytrimethylene Terephthalate (PTT), a fibre that was first developed by DuPont, the same company who invented nylon fibre.

Triexta was originally defined as a type of polyester, as they share the same root chemical. However, thanks to the unique features of triexta fibre, it is now classified as its own type of fibre.

Benefits of Triexta Carpets

A carpet’s resiliency is a big drawcard for many potential buyers, as a durable, resilient carpet will stand the test of time against whatever life throws at it.

Triexta is no different, with the fibre rivalling nylon as one of the most resilient and durable fibres on the market.

Stain Resistant and Colourfast

The hydrophobic nature of triexta fibres means that the dreaded red wine stain, or kids’ mess won’t soak into the carpet – it will just be repelled, making it easy to clean and leaving your carpet spot-free.

Triexta is also colourfast, so your carpet colour won’t fade over time from sun exposure or even from some harsh chemicals!


For a carpet that is so durable, it’s hard to believe that it can have such a luxurious feel to it. Carpets made with triexta fibres are softer than both polyester and nylon carpets, making them not only look a million bucks, but also feel great underfoot for your whole family.


As triexta is made from corn sugar rather than petroleum, the production of triexta fibre is far more sustainable than your regular carpet fibres. Using a substance such as cornsugar instead of petroleum also means that less chemicals need to be added to the fibre; resulting in less chemical exposure for your family over time.

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