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The Victoria Carpets Range 


The Victoria Carpets range of wool carpets are a quality option for your home, from the Macarthur, which is 100% wool styled in a textured loop, to New Sensations, which is a wool blend in a twist style. The wool carpets in the range consist of a wide colour palette to suit a broad market, and thanks to their high quality, are an appealing, luxurious option for a variety of heavy duty residential and commercial needs. 

Solution Dyed Nylon

Victoria Carpets offer some gorgeous, on-trend styles of Solution-Dyed Nylon carpet. At WA Carpet Supermarkets, we offer a number of Victoria Carpets Solution Dyed Nylon carpets including the Yering textured loop, Goldfields twist style and Langland 100% EverSoft® Solution-Dyed Nylon.

Each carpet style has its own benefits, but you can be guaranteed that with the 100% EverSoft® Solution-Dyed Nylon range you have 15 years of Abrasive Wear and Fade Resistance, plus a lifetime Stain Resistance, Soil Resistance and Anti-Static warranty providing you with the peace of mind you require when purchasing a new carpet. 

Solution-Dyed Polyester

If you’re looking for a carpet that provides a bulky, soft feel, but is heavy duty to handle the wear and tear from everyday life, the Victoria Carpets range of Solution-Dyed Polyester may be your best option.

These carpet fibres are manufactured in a variety of modern colours to suit homes and offices, with earthy tones such as beige, grey and brown being a popular choice.

The Whiteside County style of carpet also comes with a depreciation-free 10-year Abrasive Wear warranty providing peace of mind.

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