Godfrey Hirst Carpets

The Godfrey Hirst Brands


The next generation of carpet is here, with Godfrey Hirst eco+. This carpet boasts new levels of stain, soil, wear and colourfast performance, without compromising on softness.

From corn to carpet, the Godfrey Hirst eco+ range is manufactured from renewably sourced polymer, made from natural corn sugar, making it a more environmentally friendly carpet option for your home.


The Hycraft range features stunning and versatile wool and wool-rich carpets that are manufactured in Australia and New Zealand.

These carpets provide a luxurious feel without substituting quality; all Hycraft carpets are independently tested to the Woolmark standard, ensuring they meet a quality standard in wool content, pile weight, durability, resistance to soiling, colourfastness, cleaning and more.

As a natural fibre, these wool carpets will also keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Luxury & Luxury Premium

The Godfrey Hirst range of Luxury and Luxury Premium carpets are high-class, soft and luxurious carpets that feature strong resistance to stains, fibre loss, UV light and ozone fading.

The carpets are manufactured with a low Denier per filament (DPF), which means that there are more filaments per fibre compared to other carpets. Thanks to the low DPF, the carpet feels softer and is more durable.

To view the entire range of Godfrey Hirst Carpets, see their website here.