EC Carpets

The Edwardstown Carpet Range

Edwardstown Carpets pride themselves on their defining founding characteristics: design, innovation and colour. These characteristics drive the team to produce sophisticated, loop pile carpets that will give a room ambience, and transform the room into an experience.

Pure Wool Carpets

The Edwardstown Carpets range of pure wool carpets features gorgeous carpets made from 100% New Zealand wool. We love the “Great Sandy” range for its modern take on the traditional berber. Its textured tufted loop pile provides exceptional comfort and durability. You will enjoy the luxurious feel, durability and sustainability of the Edwardstown Carpets pure wool range. 

Solution Dyed Nylon

Edwardstown Carpets have a great range of 100% Solution-Dyed Nylon carpets that are exceptionally stain resistant as well as non-allergenic. The range of Solution-Dyed Nylon carpets are in a Textured Tufted Loop Pile Carpet style, making them a carpet that allows extra heavy duty traffic. These carpets also come with a 15 year residential* and 15 year colourfast* warranty, giving you the peace of mind you need. 


Our top pick from the Edwardstown Carpets Polypropylene range is the Grove carpet, featuring 100% polypropylene in a textured tufted loop pile style. This carpet is an outstanding combination of quality and affordability, making it a perfect choice for residential homes. This carpet is made for active families, featuring tough stain resistance, a strong resistance to fading from sunlight and general wear, and 7 year warranty on residential wear*.

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